Wedding Dress Styles: Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Wedding Dress Styles: Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

You’re getting married. Congratulations! This means it is time to begin the search for one of the most vital pieces of your big day. The wedding dress is often what makes a woman feel like a bride on her wedding day. In this article we will discuss the main wedding dress styles that the wedding industry has made available to you. It is what sets you apart from the other guests and symbolizes a special moment in your life. And decades after your ceremony, whenever you take a walk down memory lane, your gown will be the first thing you and your children see. All of these make it essential that you choose the perfect wedding dress for the occasion. Most brides already know the bridal dress styles that they want to take a closer look at. If you are still unsure, let's dive into the different wedding gown styles in this post.

Now, there are multiple wedding dress silhouettes, some of which will flatter your figure more than others. So, we have compiled this comprehensive list to help you find the best wedding dress for your body type!

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Wedding Dress Styles

A-Line Bridal Gown Silhouette

Of course, we have to begin with the principal silhouette that withstands the test of time. A classic design that many can never go wrong with. The A-Line silhouette.

The A-Line silhouette wedding gown features a snug torso that clings to your waist before it billows downward in the pattern of an ‘A’. This silhouette is universally fitting as it effortlessly emphasizes the natural feminine figure.

If you don’t have round hips, don’t fret! The A-line will create the required flare. If you don’t want to highlight your hips, the right A-line dress will conceal the width of your hips without completely obscuring your womanly figure. It is indeed a fairytale outline for a fairytale day.

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Wedding Dress Style #1: The Ball Gown Silhouette

Almost every woman has fantasized about herself in a ball gown wedding dress at some point. Really, all you need to do is look at most of Disney’s princesses’ gowns, and you’ll have this silhouette nailed down. This is because women want to feel like royalty as they walk down the aisle.

The silhouette combines a well-fitting torso with a large, full skirt. Any woman will look beautiful in a ball gown as long as she chooses trimmings that flatter her shape!

For shorter women, since the skirt is already so big, you don’t want a torso with a similarly bulky design. No large puff sleeves or Tudor-style high collars. These might make you disappear in the dress! A sleeveless style, spaghetti straps, or fitting sleeves will be the perfect compliment. For taller women, this is one of the best wedding dresses for your body type because any design goes!

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Wedding Gown Style #2: The Empire Waist Silhouette

The empire waist framework hugs the bust and cinches beneath it, and the skirt flares right above the stomach down to the hem. This wedding dress silhouette is wonderful for curvy women, women with amazing posture i.e. women who don’t slouch, and busty women. For slender women, this silhouette is great if the skirt’s flare is modest, but it may overwhelm your lower body if the flare is too poufy.

With curvier women, any type of flare will fit as it’ll simply cling lightly to those curves. Also, if you want to wear this silhouette, make sure you improve your posture before your big day. The empire waist design makes it very easy to slouch–due to the lack of structure around the stomach area. So you want to stand tall throughout the ceremony for the gown’s beauty to shine! Lastly, for the busty women, your figure and this dress shape will be a match made in paradise!

Wedding Gown Styles

Bridal Dress Style #3: The Mermaid Silhouette

The mermaid is a silhouette that goes in and out of trends, but it never completely dies off because it is just so enrapturing. This outline is a shape-clinger that hugs your body from your bust down to your knees, before flaring out. It is a wonderful way to highlight the feminine curves of the bust and hips and the narrowness of your waist. This makes it a wonderful fit for women with an hourglass figure. The design will make you look elegant and modern while allowing you to have a long, classic train!

For women without notable curves who love the mermaid style, there are clever tweaks that can be made to your dress to create the right, shapely effect. For instance, layers or embellishments can be added to the hips and bust areas to create a curve. This will also emphasize your narrow waist and produce a gorgeous result!

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Wedding Dress Style #4: The Trumpet Silhouette

This silhouette has a straight torso, waist, and hip with a flare that begins from your thighs down to the hem. While it is occasionally confused with the mermaid silhouette, there is a difference in that the trumpet doesn’t necessarily have to be as body-hugging as the mermaid, and the trumpet’s flare begins from the mid-thigh, not the knees. The trumpet is especially fantastic as it is a silhouette that both slender and shapely women will look beautiful in!

You don’t need to have prominent hips to wear a trumpet dress. Instead, the closeness of the flare, just beneath your hips, will allow your slim hips to have their moment. As a slender bride, however, we do suggest dramatic sleeves when choosing a trumpet dress for a nice balance. For the ladies with hourglass figures, you can go for both dramatic sleeves and minimally styled sleeves since your feminine figure in the dress will often be the showstopper.

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Wedding Dress Style #5: The Slip Silhouette

Lastly, for the women who don’t want a dress that clings to any part of the body, the slip dress is the perfect design for you! The slip moves in straight lines from top to bottom with a loose effect that is graceful and convenient. This outline is a wonderful choice for slender women, especially if you have an impressive height! Your partner won’t be able to look away from your body. You can select a slip dress with a drooping back, a long slit, or a cowl neck to take it to an advanced level of stylish!


Choosing the perfect wedding dress can feel a bit daunting. However, hopefully  by discussing the wedding gown styles above, you are a bit closer to know which bridal dress styles are best for your body type. View our Instagram to view classy wedding dress styles.

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